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Voice lessons at Pulsar Music Academy


Voice Program is accepting new students!

Individual Lessons for Kids and Adults

  • 30-minute classes

  • 45-minute classes

  • 60-minute classes

Group Lessons are available for Beginners

  • 45-minute classes

At Pulsar Music Academy we offer group and individual voice and singing classes for different ages and skill levels. Our instructors specialize in various musical styles, including classical, musical theatre, and popular genres. Whether your passion lies in mastering operatic arias, belting out Broadway hits, or exploring the latest pop tunes, our faculty are dedicated to guiding you in your musical journey. They’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and theory, while also incorporating your favorite songs into personalized lesson plans.
What’s the #1 reason to study at Pulsar Music Academy?
Our instructors foster a warm and supportive environment, establishing personal connections with every student and their family. We work with each individual or parent to craft a lesson plan that fits the student’s unique needs and favorite type of music. Whether you're a five-year-old taking their first lesson, or a fifty-year-old picking up a new hobby, our teachers will share their love for music and help you set goals to achieve your aspirations.
Do I have to know how to read music?

No. Beginners are welcome!

Are there music recitals?‍

Absolutely! Twice a year, our students have the opportunity to perform at the Pulsar Music Academy recitals in beautiful recital halls. Unlike most of other music schools, we do not charge a fee for students to perform, and admission is free. This allows you to invite all your family and friends to enjoy the event.

Ready to start?

Sign up is easy and parent-friendly. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.

Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lesson! Lessons are available seven days a week, and scheduled once a week. A one-time registration fee is $20 (due only at time of registration).

Violin and Music Sheet
“We cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible impact Ekaterina and Dmitrii have had as teachers. They both are such wonderful, kind, caring, talented and dedicated. We all grew to love the way you teach and nurture Emma to help her blossom and enjoy playing the piano. Thank you so much, Ekaterina and Dmitrii for all your patience and taking so much effort to groom her in all these many years!”

Genevieve L.

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